About The Film

The Murder Detectives

The Murder Detectives is a dramatic three part Channel 4 documentary series, running for three consecutive nights that first aired on Monday 30 November 2015 and following every twist and turn of a police investigation into the horrific murder of a teenager.

The Films of Record series, directed by Bafta-winning director David Nath (Bedlam) was filmed over eighteen months with intimate and unprecedented access to the Avon and Somerset Police major crime unit in Bristol as they investigate the stabbing of a 19 year-old.

This trilogy of films creates a distinctive, unfolding picture of a murder from the time the crime is initially reported. It weaves together the stories of three different worlds: a detective faced with an apparently motive-less crime, a family desperate for justice and another who’ll do anything to save their son from a life behind bars.

And it demonstrates very movingly how knives shatter lives.