It’s never too soon to talk to your children about knife crime. Don’t let it happen to them.

Knives shatter lives

Why you should talk about knife crime

Knives are killing ordinary kids. The impact of a single knife crime radiates out way beyond victims and offenders; in its wake it captures mums, dads, sisters, brothers, friends and everyone who loved them. The collateral damage is frightening.

A new three part documentary series ‘The Murder Detectives’ will launch on Monday 30 November 2015. The trilogy was filmed over eighteen months as Avon and Somerset police investigate the stabbing of 19 year old Nicholas Robinson.

‘The Murder Detectives’ Director Dave Nath says: “ This is the story of a senseless stabbing, a young life cut short. In Britain, it’s a story of now. If this series makes even one kid think twice about carrying a knife, then it will have been worthwhile. The impact of murder on a victim’s family is absolutely horrific…

Parents and guardians – talk to your children about the dangers of knives. Help them to see and feel the pain knife crime causes and understand the devastating legacy it leaves for those left behind.

It’s never too early

I have yet to visit a school, including small rural schools, and not find weapons.

Caroline, mother of Jay, murdered with a knife at 17

Too many young people are carrying knives – to feel big, earn respect, for street cred or for protection.

Whatever the reasons, that fatal choice to carry a knife can literally mean life or death.

And it’s a slippery slope; being found carrying a knife has far reaching consequences. A criminal record, a serious injury or even worse, death.

"It was more than I could bear. I thought the boy would bury me. Not me burying him. If I could give my life for him I would have. I try to be strong. I was at work crying yesterday, trying to hide it. It’s a form of broken heart. Because I love him."

Carlos, Nicholas' Dad, ‘The Murder Detectives’

What should I say?

It can happen to anyone. You don’t need to be in a gang

Nicholas Robinson wasn’t in a gang. He just made one fatal wrong decision to do someone a favour that led to him losing his life.

Jay, Samantha and Chris weren’t in gangs, they were just random victims.

We hope these stories will inspire you to talk to your children about the dangers of being near knives and the life changing consequences of possessing or using a knife.

You don’t need to be carrying a knife to be a victim of knife crime

Nicholas Robinson was a 19 year old college student. He was just a normal, hardworking, good kid, engaged to his girlfriend and with his life ahead of him.

Shannon wanted to marry Nick. They wanted to have kids. To know that someone you see as family, part of your daughters’ life if just gone. She’ll never accept it.
– Shannon’s mum, ‘ The Murder Detectives

Caroline’s son Jay was 17 and studying for A levels. He was caring, polite, loved by his teachers and adored by his family. Read Caroline’s story…

Theresa’s son Chris was 17, had a job and in his spare time was volunteering. Read Theresa’s story…

Alison’s daughter Samantha was starting a business studies course and was the mother of a baby boy. Read Alison’s story…

None of them were carrying knives. But it was a knife that killed them.

The impact on you, your family and friends is far reaching

The impact of a single knife crime radiates out way beyond victims and offenders; in its wake it captures mums, dads, sisters, brothers, friends and everyone who loved them. The collateral damage is frightening.

As Nicholas Robinson’s mother says at the conclusion of ‘ The Murder Detectives’:

‘We are all mothers…we all have feelings and it’s not water that runs through me and my child. And blood runs through us. Blood runs through them. Blood runs through all of us’.

I am just happy. There is a joy here. And I’m happy for the verdict that we got for Nicholas. But I’m really sorry for a young man’s life that went down, like water down the drain. My heart goes out for him [Luchiano].

Other Stories

Sadly Nicholas is not alone. Many other young people are being senselessly and tragically murdered with knives.

Help and support

If you have been affected by knife crime or any of the issues raised in ‘The Murder Detectives’ the following organisations are available to provide help, advice and support.

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About the film

‘The Murder Detectives’ is a dramatic three part Channel 4 documentary series, running for three consecutive nights that first aired on Monday 30 November 2015 and following every twist and turn of a police investigation into the horrific murder of a teenager.

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